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    Pinched her clit between his fingers, rolling it gently between them. She nipped at his shoulder and chest, being careful not to mark him. His fingers slid further down seeking her opening. He slipped his middle finger into her. His thumb still on her clit. His finger sliding into her as his thumb slid over her clit. His pinky finger touching her asshole; fluttering 5. against it. Moaning, his lips covered hers. His tongue finding hers. His fingers driving her higher, she arched up into him. His mouth covered her nipple, sucking until it became ...

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bikini brief sex story - Between Katy's tits, while one hand works down to her hair triangle, tracing lightly over her labia and along her thighs and back up to those puckered lips. After several gentle caresses with my fingers I find her slit very moist and I locate her clitoris. Katy moans, "Oh God, yes, that's it. You are so good..." I remove my fingers from her clit and go back to holding both breasts and alternating quickly from one nipple to the other, sucking deeply each time. As I returned to using my fingers on Katy's clit, I become aware of another hand on Katy's thigh. I think Katy was ...

cheerleader photo - Her own needs. It was a lesson she would learn many times over the ensuing years. She had dressed quietly while he laid there sleeping off their great night of "romance." Her first impression? "What's the big deal? It felt OK, but I've gotten off better doing it myself." She slipped quietly out of the bedroom, out of the party, and back to her house. She never saw that boy again...and left on her trip the next day...a woman! The plane had landed safely and she walked toward the exit and saw her best girlfriend who was at the ...

caught on hidden camera - Suit, yanking my jeans and boxers down together with one hand. I fumbled with my boots and socks for a moment and then we were naked. We rolled together across the carpet, or genitals rubbing together and getting ready for the inevitable as we tongued each other. I focused my attention on her breasts, holding her arms out and away from her as I licked and suckled them, teasing them with my tongue. I worked my way down to her belly and kissed her across her smooth midsection, dragging ...

topless woman beach picture - My shirt with one hand and the doorknob with the other. Pulling me sharply into the bathroom, she quickly shut the door. To be honest, I was surprised she didn't just slam it closed with me still on the other side of it. Why had she wanted me in here with her? A voice called from downstairs, our parents alerting us that they were home. But the chatter of conversation trailed off as they went into another room, not bothering to wait for a response. "What are you doing?" I asked, as ...

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Know what I want for my picnic. We wonder around hand in hand as I lead her to the rocks. Half hidden behind the rock we start kissing and petting increasing the excitement. Pulling at her shorts I get her to let me slide them down and let them drop to the ground. I can't keep my hands off her ass and pussy. She unfastens my pants and they drop to the ground releasing my trapped cock as it springs loose. She goes to her knees and begins suck on my cock. After awhile I raise her up and sit ...

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Exchanging kisses and hugs. When they were both naked he froze the frame on Ken. Not that he had any homosexual tendencies or anything, but he was just curious about size. Ken was slightly overweight and his tummy made his dick appear smaller. Stan guessed five or six inches at best. He glanced down at his cock, sucking his stomach in. He squeezed his six inches of thick cock and whispered, "If only God had blessed me with a bigger cock." Stan pressed play. Carol was hotter than hot. First, Ken was on top then they switched positions. Stan stroked merrily along as ...

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Gary arrogantly proclaimed. "We're fucking her so damn good! She's gonna cum all over the fucking place!" Feverishly, I rubbed my aching cock as Kathy's flexible little body jerked and twisted. Seeing her get double fucked was almost more than I could take! The sneer never left her face as she tormented me by urging the men on. "Pound me! Don't hold back! You gotta fuck me better than this! Fuck me harder! Fuck me as hard as you can and make me cum! Fuck me like the dirty little slut I am! Screw my brains out!' Evidently, her taunting and teasing ...

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Of his touch. I used my free hand to yank my tee shirt up around my neck and in my armpits so his hand would be on my bare skin. He squeezed and pinched my nipples a little roughly, and I would have told him to do it even harder if my mouth hadn't been busy. We had never gotten passionate in the car before, but I didn't care, I would have done it on the front lawn if he wanted to. He slid his hand down over my tummy and onto my thighs, and I opened them eagerly and raised my hips to ...