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    She didn't want to say too much and ruin all the fun in store for her. Kelly especially didn't know she was going to be drugged and taken hostage like this. "So, slave," one of the men said, "you're here to please our cocks, huh?" "Y-y-yes," she whispered as her naked body trembled, not knowing what to expect next. "Turn this fucking whore onto her stomach!" the man yelled. And with that, two big burly men on either side of her, grabbed her body, lifted her up, and flipped her over in mid-air. As they laid her down face first, she felt her naked breasts mash onto the cold metal table. Her nipples stung from ...

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nude beach fl - Toilet lid. I caught sight of the treasure between her legs, and immediately knew what she was referring to. Her patch of dark blond pubic hair was suddenly very evident to me, as I had not taken much notice of it before. There was an obvious design that had been carefully trimmed just above her vagina, which I could not see especially well this far away. But I saw small hairs beginning to surface all around the small strip of denser hair that was like a jagged flame seated just above her clit. I was surprised ...

brazil beach voyeur - To cum after cum with a nice fat strap-on Karen had bought a few months back just in case Ken did a runner. It had been months since she had willingly submitted to a plowing from anyone she loved and as she lay semi-upright on a pile of pillows her legs wide open an head back crying her pleasure Sam's buttocks tensed and rippled, the sweat flowing off her as took no care of her own pleasure and rejoiced at being back between her sister's legs. The farewell party went ...

girl hot topless - Inside without bothering closing the shades. As her finger ground her clit she moaned, little did she know her host could hear her. He knew she had arrived but wanted to observe her before he revealed himself. He watched her get settled in then she sat on the couch. He had planned to go around to the front door and come in when her moan pierced the air. He stopped dead in his tracks. Could she be doing that? He walked back around to the porch and the sight took his breath ...

wife boob - "My God! No!" she told him, crying more now. "Oh Jesus, baby! I thought you were telling me good-bye," he told her. The waters had calmed now; she thought of how she had almost lost this man and a tear fell as she thanked God that she hadn't. She knew it was going to be hard sleeping that night. He would be picking her up at nine in the morning. She lay there thinking of this man, a man she would do anything for. Aching to hold him. She would finally get to in the morning. Sometime later, she drifted off to sleep. Waking ...

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Me a quizzical look. I just shrugged. Helena stopped blowing me and stood up and whipped her sarong off. What a sensational body. Paul came back into the room with a pillow and Helena moved her chair right up against mine. "Sit in the middle" She directed and I shuffled over between the seats. Paul placed the pillow on the table next to me and said to Sharon "I'm still hungry. lie down" Sharon quickly lay on the table and placed her head on the pillow. She spread her legs out and gently rubbed her clit. Helena gave Sharon a quick kiss and then turned her back to me and stood ...

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He reached down and pulled the dress up over her head. Dropping it onto the back of the chair, he turned to look at the body he had seen only on a video and in pictures she had sent him. Looking her up and 4. down, appraising her. "Like what you see, baby?" she purred at him. "Oh:yeahhhh!" he drawled, moving toward her. Taking her into his arms, he moved her toward the bed. Reaching the edge of the bed, she crawled onto it. She looked back over her shoulder seductively at him as she crawled onto the bed. "Meow!" she said, low and sultry, grinning at him. ...

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Mouth in his lap and sucked him off as the others continued their conversation. Pierre suggested they all stay aboard that evening and bluntly asked Sam if she would like to join him and Karen in bed. As Sam protested Dave's exclusion two more naked women arrived on deck. "Can we agree on a trade. I'm sure Maxine, Marie and Justine will make up for your absence." "Can't we all be together?" Asked Sam. "Oh! Even better, of course, an orgy!" Pierre made all the introductions and turned to lift Karen onto his lap and began to kiss her deeply. Dave's blowjob had only slowed him up slightly. Soon he was responding ...

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While the tittie dancer watched. Nicole blushed and hesitated before answering but then she put my hand on her crotch as the tittie dancer alternately looked into my eyes, Nicole's eyes, and my hand on her crotch. I could feel Nicole's damp heat and I noticed a tiny wet spot on the upper leg of my pants. The bulge of my erection was in plain sight down the leg of my pants, halfway to my knee. You could even see the ridge where the shaft met the head. I could have brought myself to climax in two or three pulls. The crowd died down a little after ...