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    Smiling at Caela as he sucked it in. Caela jerked at his touch and watched him through half closed eyes as he leant forward and repeated the move, this time with his tongue. The groans from Caela as he did this were confirmation that this was arousing her as much as him, and she tried to thrust her hips forward to impale herself on his outstretched tongue. Andy grabbed her thighs again and took control, now licking more and more furiously at the pouting cunt lips as the juices began to flow. Caela was writhing and bucking above him as he dove in more ...

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amateur stripper - Moment of regret ebb at me. "Did we just do something horrible?" She didn't even budge in her composure. "It certainly didn't feel horrible." She moaned in delight, and I finally backed off of her, wanting to take the sight of her in once more. Her legs were still spread open, and I got to finally see her vagina up close. It was red and swollen, dripping with her juices. I wanted to taste it so bad, along with the rest of her. She saw me looking at her there and glanced down to see ...

in nude public - Collapse to slowly regain our normal breathing, and remain embracing until my dick softens and slides out. Katy rolls off of me, and invites Amy to join us on the bed. In a matter of seconds Amy is naked and cuddling with Katy and me. After dozing off for a bit, I awaken to the sounds of Katy and Amy in another sexual encounter. Our night with Amy opened newness in my relationship with Katy. Now she not only loves breast stimulation, but asks me for oral sex. Gary, Mark and I watched with rapidly hardening ...

nude woman on the beach - Over further as he held her hips. Her hand guided him to her opening and he slid into her silky, hot cunt. Her hips moved gently back into him as he filled her with his cock. Growing and becoming harder at the feel of her. He rocked into her gently, slowly, enjoying the feel of her. He began thrusting harder, deeper as she began meeting him. Stopping every now and then to grind against him, keeping him buried in her. He grasped her hips, pulling her hard into him as he released himself. He soon pulled out of her and she turned to take him in her arms, holding him tight. ...

horny wife free pic - Control. Becky enjoys it most when we orgasm together. She loves to come and then feel my cock pulse as it pumps cum into her. I looked over her shoulder to try and focus my mind on something else for a few moments - I had to hang on to try and not disappoint her. I caught some movement over her shoulder. I then saw June. We both made eye contact at the same moment. The look on her face was a picture. Our eyes held each other's gaze for a few seconds, she smiled, gave me a wave and about ...

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And her beautiful arse was poking out from under her black nightie. I sat behind her and ever so gently played with her open wet cunt lips. I pulled them apart and licked her insides. I put four fingers in her. I sucked her clit. I put three fingers in her pussy and two in her arse. I love playing with a pussy. I needed to dip my wick so I knelt before her and whilst keeping two fingers in her arse I plugged away at her moist love hole. She really seemed to be enjoying the anal attention so I pulled my cock out of her pussy and spat on ...

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"Yeah, hurt her man!" "The cunt's asking for it!" "Fuck her UP, Willy!" She felt hands reaching underneath her, squeezing her nipples, twisting them so hard they stung. Her eyes, which had been closed, sprung open from this new painful sensation. She saw a man's open hand on the side of her face before he smacked her left cheek, nice and hard. "Oh God..." she cried. "You like the pain, bitch?! We'll give you pain!" And then she felt the whip come down hard across her back. "AHHHHHHH!!!!!" she wailed, her voice bursting passed them and into the darkness. ...

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My cum started to spurt deep inside her cunt. June and I stayed locked together even though I could feel my cock starting to wilt. I looked over to see Mike start to withdraw his cock from Becky's pussy. His cock was covered in a mixture of his cum and her juice. Her lips were swollen and hanging loose as his cock pulled out of her. I could see that her pussy had been well fucked, it looked stretched, after all this was the fattest cock that she'd ever had up her. Her pussy started to drip but she didn't seem to notice. I pulled my cock out of June's ...

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Of her face. And the best part of all, she had a pair of enormous round breasts that were covered by a silky white blouse. I'd like to touch them so bad he thought to himself, they were perfect and round, and the dark hard nipples poked conspicuously through her blouse. "Sam. Sam!" he heard a voice calling. "What's the answer to equation three." "Uh....um I don't know." he stuttered, the question pulling him out of his trance. "Sam maybe you should see me after class." his teacher said irritated, "Your never paying attention. We need to discuss your behavior." ...